Monday, November 28, 2016

Protective Eye beads

Protective eye beads - amber and brown

I make no secret of loving to learn and try new things.  I struggle with the "shoulds" of being an artist - you should produce a coherent body of work - being the number one thing I struggle with.  Perhaps it's a side affect of becoming an artist from brain injury, but I get enchanted with the process of teaching myself how.  And then doing it.  

A long while ago, I hosted a class taught by a glass bead artist in our studio.  It was great fun!  My husband got me a nice set-up for Christmas the following year.  I made some beads and enjoyed it but didn't really catch fire (so to speak) on the process.  I started making some "evil eye beads" as they are so very historical.  

 As with most of my skills, I revisit them periodically drawing more skill and learning into the process.

I caught fire with the protective eye beads this time.  I happened to see just the title of a YouTube video about making realistic glass eyes and became totally obsessed with this idea.  The optics of the eye are amazing and I am always working to create a more realistic iris color.  So much fun and coolness!

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Protective eye beads in blue.

Here are some of my beauties.

Protective eye beads in green/hazel.

Messing about making fantasy colors!  Flame - red and yellow!

Adjustable leather neckware.

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