Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wow.  Damn.  I was going to pay attention this year.

I was going to get to the Farmers Market so I could eat in season.  My plan was to gorge on what ever was in season so I would be sick of it until it came back into season.  I was going to get my garden into shape.  I did get a lot of the hardscaping done but not many seeds planted.  So half of a win there.  I wanted to write more and better.  I was going to hike.  Lots of plans to get more living into my life.

I did do good things.  I ran three arts events: the Open Hang at the Pulliam, the Art at the Farm at Timberlane Farm, and the Loveland Art Studio Tour.

I worked more on my Leaf Essence Scarves and they are beautiful.  I have to figure out how to photograph and sell them  now.  Translated a class I took into some fun and whimsical artwork that is enough different from the class that I feel comfortable, and I have some ideas for other changes.

As I said above, I got some hardscaping done in the kitchen garden bed.  Moved a lot of earth and build terraces of cinder block and wood.  It's on the side of the foothill so it's very challenging.

I licensed my recipes for the herbal bath and body products I've been making for most of my life to some wonderful, energetic, and talented women.  They have been doing amazing things!  Check out Herbal Heart Apothecary at

I made some forward steps and some backwards steps in my health.  But I'm still above ground so the forward must exceed the backward.

So the art events are done.  I am stepping down as Director of the Loveland Art Studio Tour.  I've put in two good years of about 1200 hours/year.  It's a mostly volunteer situation so I have to step down.  There are many things I love about the event and much room for growth and positive change to improve.

I want to do some sort of a vision quest to see who I am now.  I was certainly not the person who was paying attention.  Cause, damn, it's almost  November.

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