Sunday, May 11, 2014

Beginning again

I am in awe of bloggers who can crank it out on schedule month after month.

I am almost always thinking about things, mulling them over in my head and the images/words never seem to stop.  But getting to the keyboard and out is another thing.

I am trying to get over the "hump" of having not written regularly in a while but just starting to write.  I'll start with the weather and see where it takes me....

We had one of our dreary Mothers' Day snow and freezes this weekend.  We didn't get much snow here, we did get rain and it is cold.  We will see what tomorrow brings.

Some of the peas made it up out of the ground.  I think about a third sprouted.  Most of the lettuce didn't make it.  But that's okay.  Some did.  I will have yummy homegrown food soon.

I have been dreaming big about making another set of terraces and filling them with natives and lavender.  Allie put another package of bees on to the land.  Her man built her a cool hive from scavenged beetle-killed pine that is lovely.  Last weekend the bees had started making comb and seemed happy.

I plan on feeding them this summer as the heat rises.  If we can get the terraces planted with flowering xeric and natives, that will also help.  I love having the bees around.

The new job I have taken on as the Event Director for the Loveland Art Studio Tour has been really amazing.  I am debating starting another blog about the process of making the event.  I decided to call it "LAST in process" if I do.  I'd really like to share what goes into making it happen.  As well as make a record for myself of what is happening.  It's hard to keep track of what I have gotten down when there is so much to do.

Finally, after much ado and help from Anne, I have finally learned the basics to crochet.  It is really a different mindset.  The hook can go just anywhere and do just about anything as long as you wrap it around some thing to make it hold together.  It sort of offends my knitter mindset.  I find it harder in some ways since the hook can go anywhere, I have to monitor where it is going.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, that I have my fits and starts with blogging as well. I find what motivates me most is when I take pictures. I posted a bunch today as we had 8 inches of snow from the storm

Sheron Buchele Rowland said...

Agreed. I sometime just put in the pictures and write around them. Wow! We got some snow but it was mostly rain. I'll take the moisture in any way! I'll go look at your blog to see your pix!