Thursday, April 3, 2014

Best breakfast thing ever!

So good!
Good things often are a collaboration.  This breakfast/lunch/snack bit of yumminess is one of those things.

Some friends of mine started out with a recipe and called it "Fat Bombs".  Mostly created of various healthy fats with a sprinkling of nuts, I saw a bag of them in thier fridge and thought they were pralines.  They were not at all that.  I was sad.

But intrigued with hearing about what they were doing, I asked about the recipe.  I had been strongly urged almost 2 years ago by my wonderful healer to stop eating the crunchy oat bars I so loved for breakfast. But I couldn't find any substitute for them so I ignored her advice and suffered guilt.  Hoping that maybe these "fat bombs" would be a good idea,  I bought the ingredients.  And they sat for about 2 months while I continued to ignore my problem with the oat bars.

Finally, one Sunday afternoon I decided to tackle it.  Not hard at all!  Making them was so easy!  It takes me about 10 - 15 minutes to make about 2 weeks of breakfasts with some available for late night snacks and the occational lunch when I am out and about.  

And wow!  They are so good.  And filling.  

It's a recipe of no exact amounts or ingredients.  I will tell you the ingredients I think are essential for great taste and texture but feel free to add and subtract at will.  My big addition to the process (besides taking pix and writing this up) are using the muffin papers.  My friends use silicone muffin pans, popping the fat bombs out when they are solid and storing them in a bag.  I like how the paper makes it easy to hang onto and eat without getting messy but they do cost about a penny each and do create waste paper.   You choose. 

Basic recipe:  
melt together oils + butters, add nuts + dried fruit, chill

My recipe:
Oils and butters:
1 cup virgin coconut oil 
1/2 small jar of coconut butter 
1 stick of salted organic butter
1/2 jar of nut butter, I use organic peanut butter
1 tsp or so of best quality sea salt

Melt until liquid and lump-free

Stir in:
1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1 cup of either ground flax seed OR almond flour

Add what you like here to make up about 4-5 cups of nuts and 2 cups of dried fruit
I like:
1 cups of almonds,
1 cup walnuts
1 cup pecans
1 cup pistachios 
1 cup cashews
1 cup dried cranberries
1/2 cup dried blueberries
1/2 cup dried cherries

Fold together until very well mixed.  Put muffin papers out on a cookie sheet.  Using a 1 oz. scooper, fill the muffin cups about half full.  Scoop so you get some of the liquid oils/butters in each serving. Carefully transfer to the refrigerator until set.  Store in an air-tight container until all eaten up.  If you let them get warm, they get runny again so keep them cold.

I find one of these keeps me full for about 4 hours.  My skin seems much happier since I have been eating these as well.  Less dry and papery (old lady skin).

Another friend of mine figured that a portion was about 400 calories.  

All you who have been asking about these, there you go.  Let me know how you change these for your use!

VCO, coconut butter, butter set to melt on medium low heat

Organic peanut butter - use what you like or mix it up and add several kinds!

Nuts and fruit!  What ever makes you happy!  Almost twice as much nuts as fruit is a good ratio.

Fold to mix well.  1 oz. scoop is very handy to fill the muffin papers.

Don't these look yummy!

When you peel back the paper, there should be a base of the solid oils on the bottom.  It's kind of tricky to get them all dished out so that happens but you can add any extra oils left at the end back to the cups you made at the beginning.

Reminder, if you do grab one to eat after a while - put it in a good oil tight container.  Ask me how I know this is important....


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