Monday, October 14, 2013

5th Annual Loveland Art Studio Tour Weekend One!

This year there are two weekends that we invite interested people to come visit our studio.

The link for the studio tour website with map is HERE

The weekend before the studio tour was the Mini-Makers Faire in Loveland.  It was great!  There were an amazing collection of Makers both art and technology.  Over 3000 people bought tickets!  I decided to give out sample of my herbal elixirs/sodas to do some market research.  I gave out about 140 samples and got some very interesting feedback that I need some time to absorb.

Then a short 6 days later, we opened our strawbale studio to the public to visit and see what we do!

We had a great time with maybe 60 - 80 folks visiting.  We did demos of some of our various arts, served snack, poured mead and herbal sodas, and sold our works.  It was great!

We are really looking forward to the upcoming week and getting to show more folks what we do.

I thought you'd like to see some pictures of our studio.  I talk about it a lot, I don't think I've ever shown pictures of it.

An awesome optical illusion where Henry appears to be a
giant dog in front of the studio
that is taking off into space.  

The studio showing the loading dock and the rock walls
along the path up.  My commute to work.  :-)
The front porch is wonderful.  Sitting here enjoying
the day is something
I just don't do enough.
Visitors in the studio, front door open.

Scarves, Fox Ryde products, and pins ready for
to be scooped up!

People enjoying my husbands beautiful art work.

Hanging out and catching up with my friend Crystal!

We had great fun and look forward to more of the same this upcoming weekend!

We hope you can visit us!

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