Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yarn bombing at the Feed & Grain!

Update!!!!  The website for the yarn bombing is:!yarn-bomb/c1ghi

July 12 & 13!!!

Hope to see you there!!!

Anyone wanting to donate acrylic yarn or teach knitting or crocheting  - please contact me!!!


Original post follows:

I am in the process of planning a yarn bombing of the old truck in front of the Loveland Feed & Grain art studio.  It's sanctioned so I don't have to keep it a secret!  :-)

I don't know too much about the history of the truck, just that it is cool and iconic.

I am planning on inviting folks to come hang out and yarn bomb sometime this summer.  The first stage will be using yarn to fill in the parts of the truck that are missing.

Here is the front of the truck.  Missing the left half of the windscreen and both headlights.  Maybe also cover the bumper?  If there is enough hands to make it happen.

Such a lovely truck!

The truck bed, missing gas cap, missing back window.
On the street side, I am thinking of for sure the rear window, something to happen from the gas tank, and maybe a bigger piece along the truck bed.  I was thinking of filling the missing passenger window, but then it would be hard to see the wonderfulness that I hope we can make the interior of the truck cab.

The back end of the truck
I'd like to set up a very simple weaving station here for the end gate. Folks could come and be a part of the process even if they have no idea how to knit/crochet.  A weaving from side to side would be very cool.  I just realized this truck most likely never had a back gate.  Oh well.  Artistic licence.
Interior of the cab is missing some 
Inside is where most of the work will go.  I'd like to bomb most of it with just the dials and cool bits on the dashboard left undecorated.

The entire seat structure, the inside doors, I'd like to cover the steering wheel and maybe do some take on fuzzy dice from the missing rear view mirror which will also need to be created.

I've already got a lot of donated yarn including some really really crazy novelty yarn to work in with regular yarn.

I am so looking forward to getting the details of this project worked out!  We are all going to have such fun!

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