Friday, April 12, 2013

The Creative Process as a Flower

Again I woke up this morning with a scolding.  "You haven't written a blog in months!  Why not?  No excuses!"

My explanation is this - I got hit from behind last June 2012 in the driveway of a parking lot.  I've been spending much of my life getting better, again.

No whining.

So I am feeling better.  I still have a lot of exercises that I do that when I slack off, I hurt.  So am not healed but that just takes time.

Amaryllis in bloom
Once again this spring, my amaryllis bloomed.  First comes the leaves ever so slowly out of the bulb.  It takes weeks and weeks to grow up the flower stalk.  The bloom is tightly encased in a protective covering.

One day, it cracks open just a bit.

Then pow!  Great beauty for just about a week.  The flower fades and dies leaving only the stem and leaves.

From these resources, it spends another year preparing  for the next bloom.

I've been thinking about this.  When do any of us gather resources anymore?

It seems that most of us are just putting out our blooms and discarding them, then putting out another bloom, and another.

The connection to each other through FB and Pinterest is wonderful but overwhelming.  It's all flowers and no leaves.

I know that when I create a work of art, there is much time growing my leaves and flower stalk.  At times the actual creation is a burst of high energy much like the unfolding of my amaryllis.

I have made myself take some pictures of some of my works-in-progress.  I will post them here and talk about the process sometime soon.

I'd like to share the process of growing my leaves and my processes.

What do you do to gather your resources?

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