Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer is always so crazy.

New location for my cooking herbs!  Hope they like it.

Lettuce cages to keep out the flock of baby bunnies.
Most adorable infestation of pests ever.

One bed on either side of the walkway up to the studio.
There is the garden.  Which has been very demanding.  The months of June and July broke records for heat and lack of rain.  Not good.

And the fires:

Most of you heard about the fires.  We were pretty close but not in danger.  We could see the fire at night and it was smoky most nights and a few days.  It was scary.  We know people who lost everything.

I was disappointed a bit when we bought our land here back in 1994.  I had dreamed of a cabin in the woods, but there were none we could afford so we got our 2 acres of foothills.  While the pine trees are lovely still, it's hard not to see them as standing bombs.  We have very low fire danger here due to the lack of trees which is reassuring.

And this:

Please consider backing our project!

It is an all or nothing endeavor.  Either we make the full amount (or more - I backed a project that is 435% backed!) or we get nothing.

You choose the reward you'd like, set up an Amazon payment account, back us, and then wait.  We will be sending out some updates from time to time, but not too many as we don't want to irritate you.

Look at those lovely rewards!  So pretty!

And finally:


Our banty roosters who really are tiny compared to the hens apparently got the bidness done as we now have Americana/Banty cross babies.  More pix to follow!

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