Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter basket of yarny goodness!

Rats.  I bruised the little finger on my right hand.  I had no idea it worked so hard when I knit.  Ouch.

I'm soaking it in my Weekend Warrior Massage Oil.  I tell people I am my own best customer.  I wouldn't feel so bad if I could remember what/when I bruised it.


On a happier note, I received an Honorable Mention for one of my fiber art works!  Created with all natural dyes.

It's knit using free-form short rows to make the ripples.  I also doubled up the yarn to make the transitions between the colors flow.  I love how the red/purple/blue was able to happen.

This was my first show as a fiber artist and I am so thrilled!

And speaking of natural dyes, mostly gathered dyestuffs is what we use to make this lovely basket of Easter colors.

Yarny Easter Basket!

Hope you have a Blessed one!

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