Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In which I describe how I made a button

Been making brown!  Walnut hulls!  So beautiful!  Pictures soon.

Some of the skeins are getting multiple dips to get darker brown.  So pretty.

The exciting new thing off my brain and onto my jewelers' bench  is BUTTONS!!!  I have made recycled copper buttons!

I used some old roofing scrap that had been badly damaged in a really interesting way with some deep scratches as the top of the button.  A couple of them I augmented the surface design with some over all stampings of different type of circles. The bottom I stamped with some interesting all over designs.  Dished the top and filed it until it would sit flat on the bench top with no gaps.  Then I metal punched holes top and bottom.  That was an interesting technical question that took me a couple of hours to solve.  But I got it figured out.  I then cut a small piece of copper tubing to go into each hole and carefully - oh so very carefully, fold the top of the tube over to make a hollow rivet.

The two pieces are held together by the two hollow rivets.  No solder.  I thought I might have to and I certainly could.  But I like that it's all a pressure fit held by the hand made rivets.

I showed some folks at my local brewing club that I had made a button out of scrap bits of copper.  I got a lot of puzzled looks.  I am silly happy with myself.

Pictures tomorrow, I promise. Unless I get side-tracked with more lovely brown yarn and buttons...

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tandama said...

can't wait to see both your buttons and your yarn! I bet they would be scrumptious together....