Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guess who got side-tracked....

But I now have 4 cases of mead out of the carboys and into bottles.  2 cases are a quite dry apple mead with oak that tasted pretty leathery today.  I imagine it will be a couple of years to come into it's yumminess.  The other 2 cases are an apple mead I made last year with some fresh squeezed apple juice.  It was pretty good but should be better in a year or so.  I blended a couple of meads back together today.  I had split off half to go onto handpicked plums and the other half to wait.  I want to make something subtle.  So I blended the plain and the plummy together and added the oak off the first mead just for fun.  Mead is about the waiting.

I found the most amazing bug on the wall yesterday.  I put it in a jar and after assuring myself that there were lots of them around, put it in the freezer to put it to sleep.

Incredible pattern on it's back in browns and grays.  I want to figure out how to knit it!  I spent a couple of hours playing with the lovely browns and grays we have created to find the right colors.  Since I'm using nature's colors, it was easy.  Now to figure out how to chart a pattern!  Even if I just make it for a pillow, it is so incredibly beautiful.

Tomorrow, more buttons and this time I'll take pictures of making them!  They will be super cute on a hat or a sweater.  I have so many ideas for more buttons!  And I made another batch of shawl pins including some that have multiple pieces so they dangle.  Very lovely!  I'll have them first at the Studio Tour and then if any are left, I'll post them on Etsy.

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keth said...

mead sounds lovely, we have a 55 gal marks mark barrel full that needs to be bottled.