Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gardeners' Revenge colorway!

The dyeing with weeds frenzy continues unabated.  Nothing is safe.

Gardeners' Revenge colorway is made up of a bunch of different colors all made from stuff you didn't know was anything but compost.

We have put Russian thistle, dockseeds, pineapple weed, apple leaves, goose foot weed, and walnuts in the pots so far.

Goosefoot goes in the pot!

We added iron to this to make some seriously beautiful olives.

Goosefoot and Russian thistle grow well together
It's in the same family as lamb's quarters which are my favorite wild green to eat.  Next year, I'm going to try a dye pot with lamb's quarters.  The leaves are bigger so there should be more color.

Harvesting goosefoot and Russian thistle
 Russian thistle is the stuff that becomes tumbleweed.  It's nasty pokey stuff.  I needed those leather gloves.  It was greatly satisfying to cut and chop that awful weed up and make pretty colors.  Yes, it was.
Colors!  With flash
 Some dock, Russian thistle with a tiny amount of indigo, some mullien.  Below you see the beginnings of bags Kathy wove of the Gardeners' Revenge colors.  They are breath-takingly lovely.  She is amazing.
The woven bags are incredible
 More of the weaving and the colors of yarn.  She also tablet wove up straps for the bags.  My next step is to lightly felt them and sew them together.
Amazing what beauty weeds can make!
Have posted more things to Etsy and have sold a number of them.  I worked for 12 hours yesterday posting stuff on Etsy.  I get a lot of enjoyment being able to share more of what goes into making stuff.  There is more room to write.

Heading out to a Harvest Festival with a dear friend!  Enjoy the day!


tandama said...

Stunning! Truly stunning!
And all from noxious weeds! yeah!

Spike said...

Thanks! We are quite enchanted with them!

I've got the woven bags to be felted up and when everything is dry, I'll get them sewn together.

Gardeners' Revenge bags! They will be awesome!