Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July already!

Kyra pulled through just fine, we have no real idea of what was wrong. I am blaming a hard heat cycle. Girl troubles, blech. I haven't had the time to see her a lot this summer but I enjoy her a great deal when I can.

I have started selling my herbal bath and body care products, Fox Ryde Gardens, at the Farmers Markets this summer. I've been too beat up from the various car accidents that I had for many years to do this. I am selling a a local Tuesday market, a Saturday market and a Sunday market.

You can search for me on Facebook and "like" the page to get more info. I mostly chat about my garden (and by chat I mean whine) and what's going on at the farm.

It seems like the blogs are more formal and I shy away from writing them and then go update in a few words on Facebook. I keep feeling like I should post the pictures I am taking and then blog. So I procrastinate.

Tonight, I wanted to let folks know that my horse is fine. I am doing well, if really tired. The markets are quite the physical test. The set up, the heat, the standing and talking to customers, the heat, the wind, the sun, the tear down, and the paperwork. But I am enjoying talking to folks. I wish I was better with remembering faces/names. I blame the heat. *grin*

I am planning on being a Marketeer through the end of August and then seeing how things are going. It's a lot of work and the money has been only occasionally good. But I always end up the market with more money than I started out with. And that is good.

I am harvesting herbs to make the products with. I did a second harvest on plantain. Mostly to chop off the seed stalks. I do use a lot of this so I am glad to get another harvest. I also picked lemon balm. It helps fight fever blisters and cold sores. It needs to be really fresh to work so I will dry it then make a batch of my lip balm.

I had totally run out of self-heal for the Boo Boo Balm. It is a great plant that really heals well. I haven't gotten very good crops of it the past couple of years so I am totally thrilled that I got a big harvest this year. Maybe the weather, maybe the plants finally got mature. In any case, I should be set for a while!

Another cutting on the hearts ease for the lip balm as well. This takes down skin irritation and is wonderful.

Helped a friend bottle some mead last night. Haven't been brewing much the past year, I need to get some Day at the Fair started soon so I can have it for fall. It's a really yummy easy mead. I just need to be careful brewing in the summer as it can get too warm and the yeast can get way over frolicsome.

I guess the other cool thing that I am doing is playing with the natural dyes with a good friend and herb monkey. We are trying to get together every week or so and put things in the pots. We've had some good successes and some abject failures. But I am getting a nice stock of dyed yarns to make into slippers/hats/scarves etc. to sell.

It's been a rainy summer so far again this year. The hills are still green. Actually they are yellow with clover blooms. And now the tall white clover is blooming. It's very odd to see the hills still covered in green and flowers.

And it's July already. Half the year gone. Scary.

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