Sunday, December 6, 2009

December already?!

Can you believe it?

It's been snowing all day here in Northern Colorado. The snow has been coming down in tiny tiny flakes like being assaulted by powdered sugar all day. I know what a doughnut feels like.

It's built up to about 10 inches. That's a lot of sugar. It's lovely but very cold. The dogs have been in and out all day. They track in the snow but at least it's not muddy. I just can't go sock footed on the carpet or risk stepping on an icy puddle of melted snow!

We had a good Holiday Show this weekend. We only do benefit shows now as our wholesale business is doing well enough to keep us busy! The show was a benefit for the Harmony House which helps abused and neglected children. The show was busy and I sold out of most of my herbal products. We sold plenty of our jewelry pieces as well. I got some good contacts for my upcoming brain storm, too.

I've been spinning and natural dyeing since 1972 just occasionally as the mood hits. I've processed 4 fleeces and given the dyed yarn away as I was not a knitter/weaver. It was just fun to play with the fiber. During that time I've taught a lot of people how to do natural dyeing as well. It is another thing to do with herbs so it's always made sense to me.

After the Sock Summit 09, my brain exploded with all the yarn dyers out there. I had no idea. Spinning/dyeing was just something I noodled at. And so few people do the natural dyes.

So I decided I'd sell my naturally dyed yarn. I've already dyed and sold some of my hand spun which was really cool. And I've got some of it at my local yarn shop. But to take it up a notch.

But I can't spin enough. So I've spent the day researching undyed yarn. Who knew?

I've got some cool packaging ideas as well. Packaging is generally my least favorite thing but with the fiber I want make sure that people understand what plants are being used to make the color. I am certain that even if someone wanted to try to steal the colorway by using the same plants, it won't be possible. Even when commercial dyers try to recreate colors they can't!

So, I know, just what I need. Something else to do. But this makes a lot of sense to me. Again, something with herbs/plants.


Jennwynn said...

Sounds awesome, Spike! I would love to knit with something you dyed!

Spike said...

You bet! I will need some folks to knit up the various possibility yarns and rate them. Then I'll decide which "base" yarn to use based on this. At least that's the plan...