Sunday, July 26, 2009


There is so much going on in my life right now that I am .... what? I am many things.

I am thrilled that my dad will be turning 90 years old in March. The four kids are putting together a birthday party for him, currently I am spearheading it. And trying to delegate like mad. But have "catering snacks for 200" on my calendar for the end of March. I sure hope I can delegate the sorting pictures and inviting people to my sibs.

I am giddy with excitement about the upcoming Sock Summit 09. To be held in Portland, a gathering of insanely enthusiastic sock knitters at which I have booked a booth to sell our artwork and my herbal products. There are 1600 folks signed up for the 4000 class slots plus a whole lot of folks just coming in for the Marketplace. I'm traveling with 2 great friends and we're going to spend the week in Portland.

I am terrified and overwhelmed with the upcoming booth at Sock Summit 09. The event has been a long time in the future - "I'll think about this tomorrow" - for well, a long time. Now it's like days away. And while I have actually done a fair amount of thinking about it, not much is actually done. I've made some prototype shawl pins that have sold well at the local yarn shop but I'm not sure how many shawl pins several thousand very enthusiastic knitters will buy. This may open up a whole new market for us as we are thinking of other knitter things as well. But I've got to get stuff mailed off by the end of the week.

I am tired. It's been such a busy summer. There have been many large events in the studio entailing a lot of work cleaning and such. We've had a pretty busy summer in the studio with orders as well. We put in a giant garden which is truely lovely, I'll try to get some photos of it. But after nearly a decade of being hurt and unable to garden, it's been a physical challenge to keep up with it.

I am filled with joy at the upcoming equestrian internship. Three months of working with Rick and the horses is something I am so looking forward to doing. I am having to cut back on the many things I normally do to focus on this but I am determined to fufill this lifelong dream.

I am jazzed about a local studio tour that I am helping to organize in October. I think it will be great! We are talking about having our studio on the tour and inviting in a number of our friends to show their artwork. And I'd like to have some food vendors and live music. Make it a destination so folks can see a number of artists and have some good fun. But it's during the internship so this year it will have to be what we have time to organize. But I'm on the committee organizing the tour and there are lots of things to do. There seem to be good folks to work with. We've been wanting to get to know the art community in our town so this seems to be a pretty good way to do it.

I've got the mead comp local (in September) and the mead comp international (March 2010) to organize/plan/etc. First one, not too much to do, second one - a scary amount to do. And my carboys have been dark for months now. I got in some rasberry flower honey that is amazing. And it sits in the bucket for lack of time. I need to enter some of the mead comps around as well. We got terrific support last year from some of the other organizers and I really fell down this last year on supporting them back. It's such a small community, it's important to be supportive.

I've been spending so much time trying to figure out dates in 2010 that I keep forgetting that we are still in 2009. I have been cursing my calendar for only being 2009.

I have been spinning rather than knitting. I am too jittery to read a knitting pattern. The shorthand they use is so hard to read for me. I wish I could find a pattern writer who actually writes out the words. I think I'll go spin a bit now as a matter of fact. Writing this post has gotten me pretty wound up and jittery all over again.

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