Friday, June 19, 2009

June thoughts


We got back from LV safely. It is a lovely drive through the mountains. Last time we drove home from this show it snowed a lot on us and the drive took hours longer than it should have. But not this time.

The studio has been at about 150% of capacity since we got back. Which is wonderful and we are blessed. But we are tired. We even hired back our intern on on hourly basis to try and get caught up. It really bugs me to send out orders even a few days late. It makes me feel like a flaky artist.

But we are late again this week. But we really busted our hump this week and are less behind than last week.

Along with this, the gardening still is going on. We are harvesting lettuce, turnip greens, Italian dandelion greens, arugula, peas, kohlrabi, broccoli raab, and herbs from the garden! We had a mess of turnip greens with a bit of kale and a garbanzo/parsley/arugula salad tonight along with grilled brats. It is such a pleasure to eat from the garden.

The tomatoes are suffering from the cool wet spring we've had. But I've never had such good lettuce in all my life. The tree has leafed out so the lettuce gets shade most all afternoon. And the hill slant away from the sun. I think this helps keep the lettuce cooler which keeps it from being triggered to bolt to seed.

The peas have been superb. I don't cook peas. I snack on them in the garden. I plan my gardens so that there is a snack available from them when ever I visit. The new thing is pea shoots. The pea plant tips are tender and yummy. Almost as good as the actual peas. The broccoli raab is blooming but even the flowers are delicious. It's a great plant of the cabbage family to grow. Much easier than broccoli in this climate.

I should be starting farmers markets on the weekends. But we've been (blessedly) too busy in the studio. I've got a few more designs worked up for shawl pins. It's fun to mess about doing something that is *gasp* actually creative.

Thanks for asking - Kyra is doing well. She is such a beautiful spirited companion. And Henry has settled in quite well. He is a joy in my life. He's not yet much of an actual watch dog, but I do feel that he would defend me if need be. He was goofing around and jumped into my lap the other day and snuggled right in. A 60 pound dog in my lap but I was laughing too hard to do much about it!

We finally saw StarTrek. I enjoyed it. *spoiler alert*

I was disturbed by the variations in the mythos until I grokked that the timeline was buggered. I thought they might set things right as has been done and done and done. I like that the buggered timeline was left running. It gives them all sorts of leeway to do more shows.

I like the new actors. I think each had a sense of the importance of what they were doing without being pompous about it. I liked though that they were new kids with new quirks but with clear homages to the original characters.

I love that the hopeful StarTrek is once again a part of our collective consciousness.

whew. I am tired. 12 hour days in the studio plus a couple of hours a day in the garden plus various chores with critters/house/etc. I guess it keeps me out of the pool halls.


Steve and Suzanne Buchele said...

The new ST movie was great. Fun to see with the kids who for whatever reason we failed to indoctrinate into the series.

Monica said...

Ah, we also just saw Star Trek - loved it! Was never much of a original series fan, though TNG and the others kept us an our college roommates entertained.

I just never expected to like a Kirk - and I loved how Chris Pine took on the role.