Sunday, May 31, 2009

What I do

Hello from Las Vegas. Weird town. I snapped a couple of pictures of our jewelry booth from the tradeshow where we are working. I call it "the naked party" booth. Our handmade recycled copper jewelery in modeled by the torsos and are selling well.

We went and actually visited the Strip. We viewed the Belliagio's water show and really enjoyed it. Walked around Paris and Bally casinos. Lost $.96 in the slot machines. It was actually a fun time to see LV as we went later afternoon and into early evening. People watching is always a fun time.

I keep forgetting the the caricatures of people that we see (old rich fat guy with doll, mobster, gambler, etc.) all the time on the television and see in actual flesh and blood here are really people and not live theatre. I giggle at them and point and then remember that I'm being rude.

oops. Can't take me anywhere.

I've gotten my second sock on the orange madder dyed alpaca past the turn of the heel, again. I finished it once already but it didn't actually fit. I was knitting much tighter on the second sock so it didn't actually fit. So I tore it out.

Someday I hope to actually knit something once.

On the wonderful knitting news - M and A and I are going to Portland this August for a Sock Summit organized by the Yarn Harlot (see her blog link in the side bar). We are crazy excited!

I'll post up a couple more pictures including my work following. Then get back to work!

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Steve and Suzanne Buchele said...

Remember sneaking me in to a casino in LV when I was 12 or so, dressing me in a sport coat and trying to look old enough not to get kicked out? I guess Mom and Dad had left us in the hotel while they went out...