Saturday, May 16, 2009


And Boudy's paw.

Henry is a rescue Airedale terrier mix. We think. Rescues don't come with a lot of information. We know he is Airedale because he has a lot of characteristics. But he's got other characteristics, too. He's about 5o pounds and thin at about 15 months. I think he'll end up in the 65 to 70 pound range once he fills out and grows into his paws.

He was an owner surrender as far as I can tell. I understand he has been outside in a small back yard for his whole life. When he was picked up he didn't know how to get into a car and being petted was a new and wonderful experience. He went into Foster Care with wonderful woman who did a great job house training him and getting him used to the leash, etc. He was neutered and got all his shots. I got him from the Airedale Terrier Rescue Association and I can't say enough nice things about the hard work they do for their rescue dogs.

I'll post some more with the next picture.


tandama said...

Henry has such a sweet soul peering out of those soulful eyes. i love his eyebrows. I am happy that you found a new companion for yourselves and Boudy.

Spike said...

He's such a joy. I miss Baxter still so much. But it's hard not to be happy around Henry.