Monday, February 2, 2009

Had my fourth riding lesson today and I'm feeling pretty good about it! We even had a step or two of trot! I spent most of the weekend at the barn which was quite heavenly. It's hard not to get all itchy and grouchy about wanting more but I sure wish I could ride my horse.

Here's a picture of our studio being built. Eventually all the spaces between were filled in with straw bales. It sure is a cozy place. We covered the bales with a mud/straw/sand mixture which has worked well so far. That was taken a bit over 5 years ago.

I finally got a loaf of sourdough bread to turn out! I did amp up the sourdough starter with some very old commercial yeast. I don't know whether it was the actual yeast or the dead yeast acting as food, but the bread actually rose. I also switched to actual bread flour which also could have something to do with it. Yum.

So my money saving effort has also been to make homemade cookies with less sugar, no hydrogenated fats and more fibery stuff. I made some killer pecan oatmeal raisin cookies. The downside is they are so yummy it's hard not to eat a ton of them. It only took about an hour to do and I feel all sorts of proud when I eat them.

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roasting said...

I didn't know you'd started riding! Good for you. I miss it so much. When are we getting together, hmm?