Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures from my phone

Here's a rainbow over an open field somewhere. It looks like a double one. Or half a double one.

This photo I sent directly from my phone. I have been trying to add pictures from Flickr for a while now and it just won't. "Won't, won't, won't" to quote Kreture.

sigh. I had some really lovely pix of the rock garden and the tiny herb garden all ready to inspire us for Spring.


Jennwynn said...

Yay! You got a photo off your phone! :)

Hope you're doing well. Thanks for loaning us some of your peeps for a couple of weekends!

Spike said...

Yes! But I had to email it from the phone to my blog. It is quite annoying as I can only email one pic at a time.

I will keep trying. I have to go buy a little card reader as D's got lost. That should make it easier.

We'll see you very soon in AZ!