Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We had a quiet NYE with my dad. My husband and he went to our favorite local independent pizza place and got yummy calzones. We watched a couple of movies from our tiny movie stash: Superman Returns and Memoirs of a Geisha. It was restful and fun.

I knitted a bit on my sweater working in a few more inches on the length of the body. As soon as I finish this skein, I am going to start knitting with the indigo dyed alpaca on to the ends of the body, sleeves, the button band and neck. The rust and indigo look so lovely together.

I woke this morning with a design idea for a wire worked clasp I am going to go try as soon as I sign off here.

Obligatory resolution discussion:

I think I may recycle some past resolutions, trying to do them better and more consistently:

I want to see my horse more.

I want to buy local and independent.

I want to get up in the mountains more.

I want to stop drawing in things that are painful - I need to become joy-tropic. Plants are photo-tropic and lean towards the light. I want to lean towards the joy.

I want to figure out how to post pictures to my blog. I have gotten a recommendation for a google editor from my brother that I will check out.


Spike said...

Happy New Year, from one Spike to another. *grins*

Pictures in Blogger are pretty easy--one of the reasons I've stuck with Blogger lo these many years.

Save your picture on your computer someplace (need I add it needs to be someplace you can REMEMBER?? Learn from my errors . . .)

Then open up your post. Along the top of the textbox there a bunch of icons. You want the one that looks a little like a snapshot--I think it's to the right of center. Click it.

Blogger will ask you to tell it where the picture is. One of the options is "browse." Click browse and direct Blogger to where you stored your picture. It's like opening any other file.

I think there's an upload cue, and then there will be a pause while it uploads--and then voila! A screen opens to let you know it got there.

Your picture won't show in the text box, there'll just be a bunch of HTML stuff. Hit preview to see your picture. You can cut and paste the HTML stuff (be sure to get it all) ain order to move it to the relevant spot in your text.

It's hard to break Blogger. Play a little with a mini-project of little importance first, if you like.

Spike said...

Hey, Spike!

Thanks for the tips on pictures. I will try it out.

I enjoy your blog!

All the best,