Monday, December 15, 2008

Youve got to be kidding me

It make me sit bolt up right in bed spitting mad this morning when All Things Considered said that the bail-out had not curbed financial exec compensation.

Those rat bastards should have to sell ALL their mansions and carry brown bag pb&j sandwiches to work in their 1987 Ford Pinto with bald tires like the rest of us.

I am shaking impotent mad about the whole thing.

{breathe, breathe, breathe}

I finished my first sock this weekend. I bought some $3 sale yarn that is wonderful cotton angora blend. I have no idea what it was doing in the sale bin as it is black, but I snapped up 3 balls of it. So the first sock is too short and fairly lumpy as I figured things out. I am mostly teaching myself from various books and YouTube vids.

It's going to hang on the wall and be an emergency back-up sock while I knit a pair from the remaining 2 balls of yarn. One sock takes about 1 ball of yarn. Very clever these knitters.

My first sweater - I am going to stop knitting the body now and go back and pick up the sleeves. I am technically 2 skeins short in the rust alpaca, so I plan on using the indigo overdyed skeins for the bottom of the body, the collar, the button bands and the end of the sleeves. So I figured I had better get the sleeves done to see exactly how much I need. I think I'll knit a while on both sleeves until they are about even and see where I am and what needs to be done.

It like learning a new language that is spoken with the hands, sticks and yarn and produces warm things. And it's something I can control.

Unlike the incredibly stupid mess swirling around us all.

I wonder if things would be better without the all news channels pumping bad news at us all day long. I know its a tragedy, but do I need to know that a Swiss person was killed by driving his car off a cliff?

I try to balance my desire to know with my desire to just enjoy my life and friends. It's hard to know what to do.


Steve and Suzanne Buchele said...

Its been one of the weirdest things about being back, all the access we have to "the news". Africa was like taking a two-year news holiday. But how quickly we slip back into the our old ways. did the world, and by that I mean The United States, ever got along without us know everything that was happening. We need to take another news Holiday.
Nice to see you blogging again.

Alix said...

I decided to learn to crochet a few weeks ago and have been doing a lot of playing with it. So far I've made a 'sampler' and a funny hat. I have a 'leftover' skein (not a whole one, I don't think; a knitting friend left it here a while back) of maroon chenille that I think I'll try something with - maybe some kind of hand warmer to counter our bitter cold right now.

I'll second that it is nice to see your posts more often; I can almost hear your voice in them!

Spike said...


There are still movies and songs that I don't know from the years I have spent "off the grid". It makes me bad at Trivial Pursuit. I know I need a news holiday. I think the vast majority of us would be chugging along just fine if the news wasn't always so hysterical.

Have a great one!


Spike said...

Dear Alix,

How cool is that! Crochet always has boggled me but it makes some really lovely things.

Funny hats are always a plus!

Keep warm!