Monday, December 1, 2008

Learning to knit

So I got rear-ended the end of October. Not a bad accident, blessedly, but my neck/back was re-injured. And the guy that hit me was verbally violently angry with me and that has caused no end of stress. He actually called to rant at us the day after the accident!

So instead of being in the final days of getting ready to be released from treatment, I am back at it again. At least I have a better idea of what is going on with me. Though the laws have changed from a No-Fault state to a "so sue me" state. I had changed our car insurance to allow for them to cover me for now and then they will recover from the at-fault driver, otherwise I would be in a great deal of trouble. There is no coverage until you are well enough to settle as far as I can tell. Run to your insurance agent and find out what your coverage is.

So I am back at the various healers and have added a few. I have given almost a decade to being hurt and I so resentful to give more. I know I am blessed that I can get better. I know there are folks who have lost actual bodyparts and even their lives in car accidents. I know all that. But I also know there are folks out there who have never been in an accident. Not that I wish that on anyone, but I sure wish I could learn how to not be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I hope I will learn what ever lesson it is that I need to learn this time so I can stop this lesson.

What's new:
I had the idea to make a hat and to have a project to do with my sister while we were together at my uncle's funeral. She answered my questions and helped me out greatly, and I finished a hat. I have gone on to make nearly a dozen more hats. Some for gifts, some as gifts for newborns, some as gifts for the homeless, along with some scarves. I am now knitting with M who has actually taken classes. We are working on the same sweater pattern, both of our firsts.

I am also making my first socks with handspun, hand dyed alpaca. They are a fiery orange with some variation and are quite lovely. When I was a child I always wanted to wear the glowing coals of a fire and this is a much safer option. M and I will visit a friend who will teach us how to "turn the heel", this mysterious thing that turns a tube into a sock. I enjoy knitting on multiple double pointed needles. I hope Santa brings me more sizes of needles and some more yarn!

My neck is way too painful for me to be able to spin so I am having to knit (gasp) storeboughten yarn. I have taken some yardsale gift yarn and natural dyed it into some lovely earthy soft colors. I am going to make a hearth rug with it to protect the rug by the wood stove as soon as I finish the cotton hand towels that are on the loom.

I have found a local fiber processor so I am going to take in some of the wool I have in various stages of processing and get them to finish. I have taken 4 fleeeces from the sheep to dyed yarn in my life. That is enough. I plan on paying someone else to make it clean and tidy and ready to spin. I have learned the joy of roving. Yay!

Oh, by the way, I am borrowing a loom! It's a handmade 4 harness floor loom that a wonderful friend who has tons of looms is letting me borrow. I can't do much with it now, I weave for a bit and then rest for a couple of days but as soon as I am better....

I have a couple of carboys of mead to bottle. It's not been a good brewing year for me. I am getting dangerously low on mead. Some of it is $$ and some of it is energy. These 2 carboys of mead did not turn out all that well and I have been doing some low energy adjusting/tweaking. I need to get stuck into them and get them finished and bottled. I have plenty of empty bottles. I spent a large part of a weekend day washing bottles and getting them prepped. But then got sidetracked. I need to brew some of my quick yummy appley mead that has been (mostly) fool-proof. A couple of brewers from the mead maker list where I hang out brewed it and it turned out well for the one who actually followed the recipe. The other guy didn't do a good job of following the recipe and had some struggle but with help from one of the serious mead gurus it turned out.

It grows dark so early now. But only for a few more weeks. Soon it will be the solstice and I'll light a fire to welcome back the sun. It is such a joyful time. I know that the worst of the cold is still to come, but at least the sun will be in the sky longer.


tandama said...

Good to hear- read your voice. The hats are very sweet, I so admire your knitting.

tandama said...

Crud- hey that was me-JM commenting earlier

Spike said...

Thanks! I so admire your weaving! I am going to get back to getting the towels on the loom done! I spranged my arm loading boxes into the car so I need to lay off the knitting for a while. But it will be a blast weaving. As soon as I am done with the warp, I need to get a warp on for the rugs I have planned. Weft-faced so no worries about the warp color, right?