Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas musings

Whee! It's been such a busy couple of months/year that I haven't had a chance to do any focused brewing. Which means that my mead stash is very low. I am down to under 4 cases and one of those is a set back for another year or so to mellow. I have Christmas present and hostess gift meads to give out and nothing much to give.

There is no way I can be done with a mead in time to give out so I will have to pull from the stash.

But I have some time alone today as D is off to a regional martial arts practice today. I woke up with brewing plans in my head!

I have 2 partial carboys of mead that I started around Leap Year Day and then added fruit later after the main fermentation was done. But the initial 5 gallons (which I split into the 2 partial batches) had sluggish fermentation and was pretty musky. I mismanaged it due to time pressures and I hoped that I could make it up later. But I am left with 2 batches that need some serious time/attention as they are both flawed.

I am going to march up the studio, light a fire in the wood stove and get to brewing! I will set up a new happier batch of my very dependable Day at the Fair mead and then work on tweaking the others.

And I also hope to get some weaving done on the cotton towels. I want to get the warp done on the loom so I can start my hearth rug! I torqued my arm Friday loading the car for the show and I need to lay off knitting for a bit while it heals. But that is a good impetus to spend some quality time on the lovely loom!


Steve and Suzanne Buchele said...

Oh you must be feeling much better, as you are
a) blogging again
b) brewing again (or at least thinking about it).

Its great to have you back among the living, and I hope you continue to heal.

Spike said...

Thanks! It would be good to hear from you as well! (nudge, nudge!)