Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We have closed the studio for the week. "Normally" we would be spending this week sweating at an SCA event near Kansas City called Lilies. We've gone to it many many years, my husband more than myself. But this year, we decided to stay home - P called it a "stay-cation" which is a great word.

The grand plan was to get a lot of the things done. It is now Wednesday. We did work on the yard on Monday. He rented a brush hog and ran over the worst of the yard, then rented a riding mower and went over it again. I dug prickly pear cactus from around the fire pit. About 8 - 5 gallon buckets of thorny, very healthy cactus. Many of them were just going into bloom. It was really hard to dig out the lovely blooms. I did get spined a number of times. There are a couple on my foot that broke off and are irritating.

The acreage looks lots better after the grooming. Some of the dock plans in the front yard were about 4 feet tall. There is an infestation of dock that is a patch about 10'x 10'. 100 square feet of dock. That would improve the liver function of most of the state of CO if the root could be dug out and administrated. :-)

I have also managed to sort a few piles of books getting ready to put them on the wonderful room of shelves my husband built. It is almost giddy-making to think that the books that have been packed away for years now will be out.

I know a week will be too short a time for us to actually get stuff done and get any sort of rest. But I will be glad for what we do get done.


jeannary said...

The only problem I have with getting books out of boxes is that I find myself wanting to read them instead of finish getting them all out. I hope you do let yourselves have some fun during the week as well.

Spike said...

hee hee! I also have that problem when I use newspapers for packing or to start a fire. I always end up reading them instead!

I got all the boxed from under the bed emptied. There are lots and lots of books still in the basement. But it looks like they are going to have to wait for a while longer as the week is over.

sigh. I only got a tiny bit done of what I wanted to get done. But did have some movie maniac fun.

Nothing as much fun as your Hawaii vacation! Big pout!