Thursday, June 5, 2008

Late at night

Can't sleep again. Sleep is such a struggle for me. After so many years of sleep interrupted by pain, I seem to have lost the knack. I envy my husband. He lays his head down and is asleep. I am up after trying to sleep for a couple of hours.

It's been raining tonight. It always feels like such a blessing when water actually falls from the sky. The little gardens that M and I have planted respond with a crazy growing spurt. I've been told that the rain picks up nitrogen from the air and brings it to gift the earth when it falls. That tap water doesn't bring that gift.

Speaking of gifts, I've been found recently by dear friends from some of my past lives. I feel so blessed that they have taken the time to search me out. A little stunned at how easily available information is via Google as well. It's actually possible to get a street view of people's houses given an address. Talk about stalker heaven!

I keep meandering off into topics that devolve into chaos. I know I am tired. Maybe I'll give sleep another crack.

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