Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some pictures!

To the left of this text is a picture of Kyra from last fall. It's not a good one to show how big she is, but here you go! You can see the foothills to the east of her stable. I got out to visit her tonight (I actually left the studio before dark!) She is shedding mightily and was terribly itchy. I brushed at least a small pony off her. She was drooling with delight during the process.

I got pictures posted, but am not sure how to arrange them.

Here is a picture of our dogs, the husky is Bodica and the mutt is Baxter. This is from last winter sometime. Baxter has on his winter fleece coat. He is a total Pasha and loves his coat.

This is a picture of a Colorado sunset. Lovely. You can see the mountains in the photo.

I will have to figure out how to do this better. But for now, I am quite smug about getting couple of pictures posted!



Steve & Suzanne in Ghana said...

Nice pictures! Post some more, esp of your animals, and don't forget the chickens.

Spike said...

hee hee! Will do!

Charlie said...

Wow. Great sunset photo! That's cool.

M said...

Baxter, the mutt, is a little bit famous -- if you knit, he's the dog on the cover of the book "Dogs in Knits," 2002, Interweave Press. The publisher just fell in love with his can-do spirit. Little dog, big spunk!

Spike said...

Thanks for enjoying the sunset photo, Charlie! I'll try to get some better (ie closer to the mountains) photos up soon.

Baxter aka Hollywood is always willing to sign "his" book anytime!