Friday, May 23, 2008

Colorado tornado

We are fine. The weather was to the east of us. We got quarter sized hail off and on for a while which ripped up some leaves, but no real damage.

We had some worries for friends who teach/live in the area, but all are accounted for and well.

I have always been terrified of tornadoes. Growing up in central Iowa, the tornado season was always a torment for me. Some of my worst nightmares involve tornadoes, often highly stylized tornadoes (once I had a dream where the tornado looked much like that electric shaver that was shown running around in a commercial many years ago - silly, but still terrifying as I know that was what it was).

I heard from M about the tornado very early on (she works for a big metro paper) and began my usual obsessive television/Internet monitoring of the bad situation. A friend from Cheyenne stopped by as I-25 was closed. He was on the phone pretty constantly with his family. Our intern's mom who lives in western Nebraska has weather alerts sent to her cellphone and kept calling her daughter to check and see that she was okay.

It was not a peaceful day in the studio.

But we are so very very blessed. The bad weather missed us. The loss of life was sad. We are blessed that more people weren't hurt badly or killed.

It is always a reminder that Nature is in charge. We are small and insubstantial compared to the monumental powers able to be unleashed. The base of the tornado was reported to be up to a mile wide. I have not heard the final report from NOAA about the wind speed.

Thanks to all who prayed, worried, or checked in. Much love and blessings back!

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