Monday, March 10, 2008

Threw in the towel

and went to the doctor's today. I actually made the call on Sunday, leaving a voice-mail message requesting an appointment. I tried to weasel out of it this morning saying I felt better, but I really didn't. So I went to my appointment sternly admonished by my long suffering husband to go anyway!

And yes, I have a sinus infection. And yes, it has worn me out. One of the perils of not being 20 anymore is not having the immune system of a youngster. So off I went to see the doctor. I've been seeing Dr. Frickman for longer than I've ever seen any doctor because I've been here longer than I've ever been any place before. Even as a child we moved quite a bit.

He is great. Listened to me and confirmed what I was thinking. Poked my face a few times, looked in my ears and down my throat. Yep, a sinus infection. He says that the flu this winter, which the vaccine totally didn't plan for, presents a rotating blend of symptoms with the end stage commonly being a sinus infection. Which is different than the "usual" flu which goes into bronchitus or pneumonia.

So we chatted about what I have taken in the past that has worked well for me. I had a bad bout with various things when I was younger which led me to a time when I was proceeding to go into allergic reaction to a antibiotic as it was being pumped into my veins by a IV drip. I was totally aware of what was going on as I scrabbled to pull the IV needle out of my vein while the nurse was wrestling to stop me as I started to puff up. That little incident has me very leery of taking antibiotics and a real strong desire to never be hooked up to an IV again.

We decided that I had done well with a simple sulfa drug a number of years ago and that we'd try that. I do like the sulfa drugs as they are simple and cheap. The 10 day prescription was about $14. So I started taking it today and just took a second dose.

I can't say that I am feeling a lot better. I think I just let myself get too worn out to bounce back immediately. I tried to get some work done today, but that didn't really happen.

I did make myself some killer chicken soup though!

1 whole organic chicken, cut in half
3 boxes of organic broth, 2 chicken, 1 veggie
1/2 cup of rice
Pour broth into a big pan and bring to a boil, add the chicken and rice. Cook on low heat for several hours until the chicken starts to fall apart.
1 carrot, grated
1 peeled potato, grated
1/2 cup of roughly cut cabbage
salt and pepper to taste
Pull the chicken out and remove the bones and skin. Roughly chop about half the chicken meat and return to the pan with the vegetable. Refrigerate the rest of the chicken for another use. Simmer the soup uncovered for another 45 minutes. Enjoy! I love adding just a bit of a roasted tomatillo sauce to the soup right before I eat it for a bit of zip. Or stir in some plain yogurt to make it richer. Or both. What the heck! The soup police will not visit.


Jennwynn said...

Now I want some special Spike chicken soup! :)

The flu around here is ending with a sinus infection, too. I think I'm on my second round of the stuff. (Bleh!)

Hope you feel better!



Spike said...

Llalalalallala *not listening*

Once I get over this, I am done and will not ever get it again!

If there is time when you come to visit, I'll make some! Or freeze some and throw it in a cooler for you to take home.

You feel better too!

Love back at 'cha!