Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spellcheck is down


I finally went to the BlogSpot page to see what is going on with spellcheck. It is not me. It is not my occasional techno-black spot. It is Them.

I feel much better. When it is up, I will go back and spellcheck my old posts and edit. (3/1/08 - yay! Spell-check is back!)

I got back from the mead comp and got sick. Went right to the burning feeling under the cheekbone that is sinus infection. Thankfully, we have steam shower up into studio. I turned the heat up to 115F and the time to 45 minutes and sat and baked. I also drizzled a bit of eucalyptus essential oil on the steam emitter. It was heavenly.

I have been pounding myself with astragalus, Blockade (a cool herbal and homeopathic blend that gives me hope for the future of these two complementary healing methods actually becoming friends), a couple of different homeopathic sinus things, and EmergenC. Sweating and sleeping for 24 hours, mostly. I felt better this morning but weak. My husband is still fighting what ever he got and its almost 4 weeks now. He had a fever for 2 weeks off and on. He seems to be done with the fever stuff. But wow! This is a tenacious bug.

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