Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm okay

Just in a wierd headspace.

Observed the 5 year anniversary of my last car accident on 1/23/08.

Thought at lot about it, wanted to blog about it. Still can't really.

Winter drags on. We have about an hour more of light than we had at the Solstice.

I recently read an article about Stonehenge. All the articles I have read before have always focused on ancient people celebrated the Summer Solstice. I have always in my heart disagreed. The summer solstice is fine and all that, but the thing to really celebrate is the returning of the light. This article said that scientists are starting to think that what was really calculated and celebrated is in fact the winter solstice.

To know when the days stop getting shorter would be really important to me, to know the date when if all is going well then the days start getting longer - or to mark a time when if the days keep getting shorter that drastic goat slaying is in order to appease what ever thing you prayed to, that's what is crutial. I know as a modern person that I certainly look at the calendar and count down the days until the darkness starts to receed.

My energy has been very low so far this year. We didn't get projects finished this December that needed to be finished. So there are partial projects everywhere which drains me. It is so hard to spend 9 hours in intense studio time and then come down and work on the house. Weekends are packed for the forseeable future. I am going to try to schedule a couple of 3 day weekends so we can get a few of the projects wrapped up. I can't stand the thought of things hanging fire until next December.

Both of us haven't quite gotten over what ever cold that settled in couple of weeks ago. This one seems to be tough to shake. Yay for astragalus and aireborne!

I'll write more when I feel better. When I am less snivley.


Steve & Suzanne in Ghana said...

No kidding - I just sent you an email (it bounced...old address) 15 minutes ago, when you were posting this, and the subject was "You ok?" and the body was "I miss readinga about your life." Of course its 8am here, and not midnight, but how funny.

And then I see your posting pop-up on my reader.

Thanks for the update and I hope you get to feeling better.

Spike said...

I do the sick old dog goes and crawls under the porch sort of thing when I feel bad. And I hate to whine about it. But got an elbow joggle or two, so needed to do a bit of catching up.

I am sure you know all about that!

Been enjoying your fables on your blog. It is amazing the way a story will shape an attitude.

Thanks for the well-wishes! BAck at 'cha! Much love!

jeannary said...

Glad to hear you are okay and much luck shaking the cold that won't leave. Jim and I have had it now since before the holiday.
I think that part of the sun coming back is also part of what you are feeling. I know they have a name for people who get sad during winter but I think that everyone turns inward and more introspective during the winter. It's what all the plants are doing too. we are all waiting for our roots to warm up again so we can feel connected to the rest of the world.

Spike said...

JM - they call it SAD (seasonal adaptive disorder) so sad works.

We're doing pretty good with astragalus, eldeberry syrup, Airborne, and Niqui at night. Lots of bombing going on! D feels much better today. He's playing a new samuri video game now.

Congrats on your win! Can't wait to see your weaving!