Monday, January 14, 2008

Feeling puny

Woke up this morning thinking of all the things I need to get done. We didn't get as much done over our "break" as I had hoped. So I keep thinking of ways to carve out some time to finish up the finishing up of our house.

The plan is to wrap all four walls of the guest bedroom with bookshelves. We learned with the book shelf in the living room to make sure the boards are finished before they are put up. (I still have to put another coat of finish on the LR bookshelf and so it stands sort of empty, sort of junky until that happens.)

There are 8 shelves per wall and 4 walls so that is a LOT of shelves for books. My lovely husband and I do share one weakness, books. There are boxes of books in the basement that have been there for many years. I am not even sure how many. I know a lot of them are SciFi book club books so are not "worth" anything, but I am looking forward to having them out where I can see/read/lend them. I am looking forward to getting P started on the world of Pern. I lent her the "last" book of the series and it was tough going for her. It's such a magical world, so gentle and engrossing that I envy those who are meeting if for the first time.

But as the morning progressed, it was clear that I couldn't keep a thought in my head for any length of time and my throat was really sore. So I decided to punt the day. I took a long steam shower and took a bunch of astragalus herb and went to bed.

I slept most of the day away. I feel somewhat better tonight. I am still tired and am looking forward to bed again.

I have to be better enough to drive to Denver to help pack up the WESA trade show booth display tomorrow so I better get back to bed!


Jim Downey said...

Books? Bah! Outdated technology. ;)

Blogroll is a nice addition - thanks for the mention!

Hope you get to feeling better. I never feel like I have enough sleep anymore. But perhaps that will change, soon.

Love to all.

Jim D.

Spike said...

Jim, it sounds like things are drawing to a close. I hope that the end of life for your MIL is peaceful. I have been amazed by your care for her. Come see us when you can. We'll tuck you in among all that outdated tech! Blessings to all,