Friday, December 21, 2007

Wonderful fire tonight

Had a fantastic fire tonight to welcome back the sun. Starting it burning about 6 p.m. and it took a long time to get going. There was a brisk North wind that both helped and hindered. I used a whole bunch of newspaper to get it going.

It was very cool in that the paper I used was an old Ames Trib that my dad brought with last time he was here. In the paper was the wedding announcements of both my brothers and my mom had snagged a bunch of them. But that was a long time ago. Dad, needing to clean things up had brought them with in July when the family got together and this one was extra. It was a nice touch for me to send extra love and attention to my family as I started a fire to start the new sun cycle.

The amazing thing to me was that I had a social impulse and, admittedly at the last minute, I invited folks from my brew club and my SCA household to come. Only one couple showed up but I was really happy to see them and they helped me to drink a bottle of mead. Other wise I'd be too hammered to type this update.

The night was slightly hazy with a fairly brisk wind out of the North. The moon is about 2 days I'd guess out of full, but that is the same where ever you are, too. The snow from over a week ago is still fluffy under the crust that the sun has melted. It was in the fire pit, but I dug most of it out. It took a couple of hours for the snow around the edges to melt. Snow is amazingly insulating.

After my friends left, I piled what was left of the wood and sat down on the ground to really revel in the fire. I finished up a bottle of mead and had a wonderful time. I sure wish you could have been there to enjoy it with me.

But eventually, my butt got numb and the wind blowing down my back started to hurt. I went into the studio and took a long hot steam shower which really capped the experience.

Hope you all had a great evening, what ever it was you did.


Jim Downey said...

Nothing like a good fire - as we've shared on many an occasion!

We're so turned-inward these days (for understandable reasons), that the only fires we have are the ones in the fireplace most evenings. It helps to warm and cheer my MIL, and always leaves me with a small connection to all the fires I've shared with friends and loved ones over the decades.

Hope the mead was enjoyable, and left you with no fuzziness come the sunrise.

Peace and love,


Spike said...

You are much in our thoughts as the three of you continue this journey.

Come on out for some mead and a good fire any day. We'll have to keep the fireballs to under 15 feet in diameter as we are pretty dry out here. *grin*