Friday, December 21, 2007


It's the rare combination of Solstice and Friday night today. I am going to light a fire and welcome back the Sun.

A friend of ours said that we are the best Pagan Christians she knows. We are Christians, if not church go-ers. But I also believe that it is right to cherish and care for that which the Lord made. I get so anguished at all the attempts to divide that even in writing I become inarticulate. To cherish the earth, animals, plants, and the seasons is not to worship them. It is worship of the Creator God to enjoy his works. The final judgement is in other hands. I wish fewer people felt compelled to judge.

So in the spirit of cherishing, I plan to light a fire in the fire ring and drink some mead. As Kyra's training time starts at 3:30 in the afternoon, I have been very aware of how fast the sun sinks behind the foothill and the temperature plummets right around 4. The foothills around the stable are high and close. Such is wonderful in the summer that there are hours of light without the sun beating on you. But the sun slipping behind them during the winter means while it is light it is cold!

Last night Kyra had the best ride ever. She has learned to be relaxed at the walk. She drops her head and softens her back and really chugs along. My back will have to be like a noodle to keep her from reacting and tensing up to me when I ride her. Rick rode her at the trot for about 20 minutes. She was quite a bit less relaxed, but not a powder keg. It is so clear to me how the little things done on the ground with the attention to every little detail are paying dividends when on the horse's back.

Kyra tries to do the right thing so hard that sometimes she's a mess of emotions. hmm, now who does that sound like? It is overwhelming and humiliating to see one's self echoed in one's animal companions. But I also see the joy in her when she gets it. I knew she'd have a good lesson yesterday because I could see her looking over the fence at the horses that were worked before her. It looked to me like she had gained an understanding of what we wanted from her and she was looking forward to showing us.

I got to lead her back to her pen and hang out with her a bit after the lesson. She looked really relaxed and happy. I am so proud of her. But I have to caution myself that she is the horse she is. That things will be better and worse, but all of it is learning and good. It is only my expectation and goals that make it worse for me. She is being/doing purely as she is.

I am always scornful of people who do not think that animals have emotions or thoughts. I know folks who don't have horses/dogs/cats and can't see the emotions or thoughts on their faces. But when you have a companion, you see thoughts and emotions right there on their faces and bodies. People I really don't trust are folks with animals who deny them thoughts and emotions. That is a sad and potentially dangerous situation for the critter. Now there may not be some of the more complex and frankly more destructive emotions in their range. But to me that is one of the things that makes them more peaceful to be with.

So we scheduled in 7 days of relaxation. Not vacation. Vacation is where you race around and do stuff. Relaxation. I have a stack of good books: some mysteries, some sci-fi; I am playing Final Fantasy X-2 (for the second time -- it's a very confusing game that was way too much when it came out for my brain injured self to handle. I started it, but didn't get very far with it. I am enjoying it this time, but it's a very different game.) I also want to try some of the fun platform games where the emphasis is on breaking stuff, like Ratchet and Clank, but we'll see if there is time. I slept in this morning and plan on doing so more! There is a ton of stuff to get done, but we have also scheduled in time to do that later. I am very happy.

The Cluster map shows more folks coming to my blog from places where I don't know that I know people from. It's a funny feeling. Kinda good, kinda scary. It is such a small world. I know I read blogs from folks that I don't know. I wish there were more folks that I know who would write blogs so I could keep up with them and their lives. I find it very centering. I try to bring up and comment on the facets of my life so that it makes a coherent picture. At least somewhere.


Anonymous said...

In the spirit of cherishing, I wrote a letter of love to a friend who turned 50 this month, and with whom I have shared about 44 of those 50 years. I am also baking bread --though it is only on its second rise -- so it will be a late night.
That is OK. I like to stay up really late sometimes to try to slow time down.

I am glad you understood Kyra so clearly today. I am sure when you ride her, you and she will understand each other -- even if you are both a bit tense. You have taught me something, once again; and you have reminded me of something I needed to remember.

I am honored to have shared this moment on the solstice with you.

Spike said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment! I hope your bread turned out well. Bread is good to slow down time and encourage contemplation. Hope your Holiday season is blessed!