Thursday, November 1, 2007

More mead news

Pamela and I won the November brew club meeting Best of Show for the Old Ale Braggot tonight! That means a lot to us to win! We got a $5 gift certificate to the local home brew store! Yay!

Had a rough night last night. We have been eating really well for the past 6 months or so since we went off wheat. It's really hard to eat fast food if you are avoiding wheat. Well, due to scheduling this yesterday, I ended up having lunch from the McD drive through. It did NOT sit well. I ended up have a great deal of intestinal distress all night long.


It takes some more time to eat good food and we make a lot more dishes, but it is really good to feel like we are doing the right thing.

I am going to help judge a brewing contest this weekend. It will be my first time on the other side of the score sheet. I am looking forward to it. I expect it will be challenging but I hope to learn a lot.

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