Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So Kyra had her first official day of her 30 days of training tonight. We started at about 3:30 p.m. and it was a bit chilly.

She was a nice quiet well-behaved mare. She was a cream puff. I was so proud. Rick decided that she was ready to go to the indoor arena. He was just going to work her in her pen where she was very comfortable, but she was ready for more.

She did a great job of being calm and well behaved all the way into the indoor arena and for 10 or 15 minutes of being worked. Then she sort of exploded. She raced around and kicked out and bucked in a very competent way. Wow. I didn't really want to know that she can make those sorts of movements. There is no way I would be able to ride through that.

So he did all the wonderful things that he knows how to do to not have it get worse and to not reward her so she does it more. After a few minutes she settled down and went back to working quietly and attentively. It was a very intense hour but I am thrilled with having her in training.

But by the end of the 90 minute lesson it was dark and about 28 degrees. Yikes. I was not dressed for that! I got so cold that it took me a couple of hours to warm up. I didn't really get warm until I had a supersonic hot flash. I am much happier having them during the winter! It was killer this summer having a rocking hot flash when it's 98 F.

So we keep getting in orders, which is good. But we keep getting in orders, and we are so tired. I got in a large batch of bottles today from a site that EA suggested - I am really thrilled to find a supplier that actually is carrying most of what I need at a good price and with a reasonable turn-around time. I sent the owner some info about a container that I used to use for lotion sticks. Apparently the manf that used to make the container was sold to a European company and the American site was closed. I hope that Elements will want to start carrying it.

So I have to actually fill the containers with stuff and get them labeled in time for our last Holiday show this Saturday. And work on the lots and lots of stone necklaces on order.

But this is not me complaining. I am thrilled to be feeling better enough to start to have some ambition about my herbal bath and body products. And I am thrilled that folks love our jewelry. And I am grateful that Rick is handling my horse who sometimes explodes and not me.

Oh, I got my first comment-spam today which I went in and deleted. But I added the "word verification" to my blog. Sorry to have to do that, but I'd rather not get my blog all cluttered up with spam-spam-spam-spam!


Anonymous said...

Last I saw, I had over 5,000 spam posts deleted from my blog . . . fortunately, I have to deal with very little of it myself, since the filters take care of the bulk. Still, it is rather amazing.

Congrats on getting the training going!


Spike said...

Yes, my great friend, but you are a bonafide Internet Peronality with your own Wikipedia entry. You stuggle with Big Issues and cross post to many sites. You have been interviewed by NPR.


Thanks! Training is amazing. I can't even begin to do it justice.