Monday, November 26, 2007

All geeked up!

Okay, after looking enviously at my younger brothers blog that has a cool map that shows where his readers are from, I finally got up the nerve to try to add one to mine. (he has a couple of blogs - where he posts depends on which one is actually working - try: or

As he lives and works in Ghana and one of his daughters is in Japan, I imagine he has a LOT more international visitors than I ever will.

But I am awfully smug about adding the little mappy deal to my blog. Why I am practically a geek. Or something.

I finally came to a realization this month. We don't teach people who want to wear our jewelry how to make it. We teach them how to maintain it. I have been working over the past year or so to learn how to train my mare. I think I have done a reasonable job for an amateur, but it has been very slow. I saw a woman bring in a green 3 year old last month for 30 days of training with Rick. Now after 30 days she is taking home a horse that has been ridden. I don't think the horse is ready to take in a parade, but it was quite a shock to see the progress made.

So I decided to put my mare in for 30 days of training this December. This is the slowest month of our year so I hope to get to the barn most days to watch and try to absorb what she is learning. Once she knows what the cues mean, then she can help train me. With her being green and me being clueless things have the potential to circle the drain pretty quickly.

I am really excited! I'll have to ride another horse as well to get my strength and balance back. But I am almost giddy with the prospect of being able to ride again.

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