Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Feeling better today

Time does sometimes make things feel better, even if perhaps they aren't better. But feeling better makes it better. *grin*

We now have 2 booths for the show and they are right next to each other. I didn't ask where they are located, I figured that with any luck we'll be where we normally are. The person I spoke with was much more pleasant. I am glad I didn't go with my dark side urges and tell her off.

The few times I have allowed my dark side full rein, well, it's been bad. For me, for the person on the receiving side, and everyone around us. I learn.

So that is good.

I managed to make 2 smallish sort of batches of soap over the weekend as well as brew a 3 gallon batch of Yule Mead. Also, met with other fiber arts geeks and did some spinning.

I made 60 bars of Cocoa Butter Mint, which smells delish! And 60 bars of my favorite Comfrey Comfort. So I will have Soothing Skin which I made in late summer as well for Holiday shows. I'd like to do something with this wonderful fragrance oil called Amber that I got. But we'll see how time goes.

With the cure/dry time needed for soap, if it's not done by the end of this week, it won't be ready to sell.

Nothing is actually better when I dwell on it. But I feel a tiny more hopeful that it will get better.

I wish I could run different scenarios and peek into the future to see how each one works out. I hate that feeling of - well, I knew what was right in my heart/head, but I allowed my head/heart to change my mind.

On the actual good news front: my vision is actually better. The problems I have been having is because my vision over corrected by my current pair of glasses. The bad news is that it is better enough that the doctor dropped my out of the possiblity of being covered by the car accident insurance. So we have to buy me new glasses on our own. But on the whole, the news is good and I am happy to be better!

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