Thursday, October 18, 2007


It's been an incredible long and lovely fall here in Colorado.

I don't think we've had a hard frost even yet. Since we are not growing a vegetable garden with tender plants, I sort of loose track of it.

The colors on the trees have been stunning. The native trees seem to only by yellow for the most part. The cottonwoods and aspen. Different shades and complexities of yellow. The hillsides are golden with buff rocks and red soil showing through then the blasts of vibrant yellow.

I drive out to see Kyra in the late afternoon when the sun slants throught the leaves. There is one place in particular where it is so incredible that I almost drive off the road. It is along the state highway 34 that runs up to Estes Park. Driving east back from the barn there is a curve that sets me up to look at the trees that line the banks of the Big Thompson River. Down low there is a deep red burgandy bush, not sure what it is, but it flames with color. Surrounded by the intense yellows of various shade. Incredible. I almost forget to go ahead around the curve sometimes.

We are slated for 50 mph winds today so I imagine most of the leaves will be in swirls soon.

I really appreciate having four very clear seasons. I am not all that fond of the hot dry summer here, but it is SO much better than the hot muggy buggy summers in Iowa. We had rain this summer, so nothing large burned. It was a blessing.

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Jennwynn said...

Keep *some* of the leaves on the trees for me! :)

We've had frost warnings the last couple of nights, but the leaves are mostly still green here. *Weird*

One of the things I noticed most about fall in Colorado was how yellow it was. :)

Love you!